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With all of the possible flooring choices on the market, it can feel a little overwhelming. How do you know which kind of flooring to choose? Because an informed decision is the best decision, here are a few pointers on not only how to choose the appropriate flooring for your situation, but why vinyl may be your best bet.

Resilient Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Has Come a Long Way

That’s right! Vinyl flooring is not what it used to be and resilient vinyl offers many more options. Today’s vinyl flooring can resemble wood floors so convincingly you may find your guests conducting close-up inspections – is it vinyl or is it wood? But a wood floor look is only the beginning when it comes to styles and colors available for your new vinyl floor.The fact that vinyl is comfortable underfoot could be a deciding factor for many. It is also perfect for almost any room in your home. From the laundry room to the bathroom, and several rooms in between, it is possibly one of the easiest to install and highly resilient.

Perfect for Households with Children and Pets

Resilience and Easy Cleanup

As mentioned above, vinyl flooring is one of the most resilient on the market. And the fact that spills and messes clean up quickly makes it perfect for households with children, pets, or homes that find themselves the go-to location for hosting family and neighborhood get-togethers.

While on the topic of children and pets, not only are they some of the best mess-makers around, but they can be extremely tough on the life of a floor. Vinyl floors are sturdy but beautiful and can withstand anything your cats, dogs, or kids can dish out. In the unlikely event that damage does occur, with vinyl tile or vinyl planks, you can change out a damaged section and replace it with a brand new, equally durable but attractive piece.

Check out these Awesome Resilient Vinyl Options

The Possibilities are Endless

Vinyl Flooring Options

The make-up of vinyl flooring is basic: a fiberglass or felt backing, a layer of printed design, a layer of clear, protective vinyl, and a final, protective topcoat of urethane. There are several options available.

As referred to earlier, the appearance of hardwood flooring can be achieved with vinyl planks. These planks match wood planks so closely, with the same beveled edges, texturing, and sizing, that it is hard to tell the difference.

Many do-it-yourselfers decide on vinyl tiles, some choosing to shake things up a bit with a diagonal or checkerboard design. For the budget conscious homeowner, vinyl tiles primarily made of limestone (VCT or vinyl composition tile) are a cost-effective option. For a more authentic appearance, realism and performance are offered at the highest level by LVT or luxury vinyl tile and SVT or solid vinyl tile. Additionally, a number of these tiles can be grouted to drive home the realistic effect.

Perfect for rooms that may be subjected to moisture, a seamless flow can be achieved with vinyl sheeting. These rolls come in 6-foot-wide or 12-foot-wide options. Wood, tile, and other designs and colors make choosing the right design an experience in fun and imagination.

Resilient Vinyl is the Choice for many Homeowners Today

With today’s highly advanced embossing and printing techniques, your vinyl floor can take on the look of ceramic, slate, wood – even leather! Your family will be better protected against mildew, mold, and bacteria, thanks to vinyl’s antimicrobial protection. No polishing, no waxing, no fuss, no muss. Vinyl is the flooring choice of the modern-day homeowner.


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