Carpet Care and Maintenance Milwaukee

Even in high traffic areas, carpet can be an amazingly beautiful, comfortable, fashionable, and also a durable choice for your home. Below we’ve listed seven tips that will help you care and maintain the beauty and durability of your carpet.

Extending the Beauty and Lifetime of Your Carpet

• Have a Quality Carpet Cushion Installed
Having a good foundation is always important. Installing a quality carpet cushion doesn’t just feel better under your feet; it can also go a long way to extend the longevity of your carpet. Some carpets come with warranties that promote a particular density have carpet thickness requirements. It’s important that you review your warranty before purchasing your carpet cushion.

• Vacuum Regularly
One of the essential actions in taking care of your carpet is one you do already: vacuum regularly. Not only does vacuuming keep your house tidy, but it also lengthens your carpet’s longevity. Soil particles—the type vacuuming expel—are harsh and can scrape and wear carpet fibers away over time. Because vacuuming is a vital part of lengthening the lifetime of your carpet, it’s important you choose a vacuum that is of high-quality. The Carpet and Rug Institute is a great place to learn about the kinds of vacuums that have a seal of approval. You can get the details at

• Install Entrance Mats
Walk-off mats installed outside every entrance into your home will support in absorbing moisture and soil. These mats will help trap dirt and oily debris that might otherwise be brought into your house. To prevent your mats from becoming sources of soil themselves, make sure you clean them regularly.

• Reorganize Furniture
Rearranging your furniture will change the foot traffic patterns and ensure even wearing of every section of your carpet over time.

• Protect Your Carpet
Think of putting carpet protectors below the legs of chairs, tables, and other large furniture to help spread the weight and lessen the crushing of carpet pile.

• Minimize Direct Sunlight
If your carpeting is in the direct sunlight in your room, then you’ll have to think of shades, blinds, or awnings (covers) to assist in protecting your carpet from fading as well as lengthen its lifetime.

• Expert Cleaning
In addition to regular vacuuming, it’s necessary to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

With the above simple tips, you can keep your carpet looking gorgeous for several years to come.