There are many ways to bring interest to a home. Personalizing a space to reflect your style can be a lot of fun and yet overwhelming at the same time. There are too many choices and not one particular way to do it. So where do you start? Here are some tips to get you going.

Start from the bottom
Make a big impact with a patterned floor. Think about using hardwood planks in different widths and colors in a unique design, colorful tiles in an exciting layout, an adventurously patterned carpet, or a grouping of carpet tiles. Layer flooring by placing rugs on tile or hardwood to define spaces in an open floor plan.

Consider Color and Design
A bold, high-contrast patterned floor can overwhelm a room if you’re not careful. They are best used in small spaces (think tiled bathroom floors or foyers) and in places where other patterns are muted. This allows the floor to take center stage. If the floor is colorful, keep the rest of the room more neutral or monochromatic in order not to clash unless you want it to!

Patterned Flooring

Small or Subtle Patterns
Most often found in carpeting and mosaic tile, small geometric designs have a quieter, elegantly tailored look and work well in rooms that are formal and traditionally furnished. Subtle carpet patterns are achieved by using an assortment of heights, sizes, colors of yarns, and uncut and cut loops. Overall patterns can be installed to appear seamless and offer a more textured look than a bold pattern. These designs are also perfect for large rooms that have a lot of other interesting fabrics – patterned furniture, pillows, urtains, etc. – to give the area energy and pop. multi pattern flooring by Carpetland USA Flooring CenterUse Your Imagination
With hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl, the possibilities endless. Not only does this flooring come in limitless colors and patterns, but you can also create additional designs and patterns with a variety of installation ideas. Hard surface flooring can be made into a herringbone pattern, checkerboard, or even stripes. You can define spaces, such as around a dining table, by changing the pattern in just that area. If you can imagine it, they can install it.

Make Changes When You Want
If you’re the type of person who enjoys changing the look of your surroundings on a regular basis, the most natural and least expensive way is by using area rugs. Place them on the hardwood, tile, or even wall-to-wall carpeting to give the room layers of pattern, color, and style. Don’t be afraid to use different patterns – but with complimentary colors – in various rooms to give your entire home balance and continuity. Then complete the look with coordinating patterns on pillows, accent pieces, and window coverings.

Have Fun With Design and Pattern
There’s no excuse for mundane floors. Create lots of interest and define spaces with color, design, and patterns. Don’t be afraid to use different types of flooring throughout your home. Carpeting is soft and quiet and works well in bedrooms; while laminate and tile can stand up to heavy traffic in kitchens, entryways, and family rooms. Whether you prefer your home to look casual or formal, you can’t go wrong with great flooring.
Be creative and show your style. And make your home a reflection of you.




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