Why Spring Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Flooring

Spring is a time for all things new, and that can include the flooring in your home.

Finally, the weather is getting warm. The sun is shining bright,  your thoughts turn to sprucing up the outside of your home with brightly colored flowers, new shrubs, and other landscaping ideas. But that doesn’t mean that the inside of your house shouldn’t enjoy a little springtime renewal as well.

Professionals will agree that spring is the best time during which to refresh and revitalize the interior of your home. When it comes to flooring, there are several reasons why spring is the best season of all during which to take out the old and bring in the new. Let’s take a look at the three most popular reasons.

Tolerable (Even Pleasant) Temperatures and Humidity Levels Play an Important Role When Installing Your New Floor

The bitter cold of winter is well on its way to being just a memory. And the sweltering temperatures and high humidity of summer are nowhere near making their annual appearance. That makes this the perfect atmosphere for floor replacement.
Before they can be installed properly, flooring of all types must get used to the environment in which they will be applied. This is especially applicable to wood flooring. So, whatever the temperature and humidity level is indoors, flooring most acclimate to it before installation or problems can occur.

Wood flooring receives special mention because of two possibilities. If these floors are not allowed complete acclimation before installation, one of the following two things can happen:

• The air can get very dry during the winter months. What could this mean for wood flooring? It could shrink as it dries out along with the atmosphere. Shrinking after installation can lead to pulling apart or cracking.

• Wood floors that have been stored in an environment where temperatures were hot, but the humidity was not controlled, could dry out. When allowed to acclimate in an air-conditioned interior, before installation, the flooring stands a better chance.
Open Up Those Windows

Good Ventilation is Essential When Replacing Flooring

When you’re laying down your new floors, to efficiently get rid of odors, dust, and fumes, you’ll want to open windows for ventilation. Springtime allows you to vent out the smells and fumes that can be emitted by sealers, stains, and adhesive removers quickly and easily.

Lots of Door Opening and Closing
There will likely be a lot of opening and closing of doors during the installation of a new floor. Fortunately, in spring, no one will mind. While that tired old flooring is going out the back door, your beautiful new flooring can be making its grand entrance through the front door. Doors will open and close even more as supplies and tools make their way in and out of your home. Imagine trying to accomplish this in winter without your heating bill going through the roof. Even in summer, with the A/C running, you wouldn’t want a lot of traffic coming and going through open doors.

What all this means is that for fewer issues and the complete acclimation of your new flooring, plan the installation for spring. With low humidity and pleasant temperatures, your floors stand the best chance of proper, problem-free application. Best of all, you can have those beautiful new floors in place far ahead of the holidays and even before those all-important summer graduation celebrations.

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