Most everyone will agree that home improvements add value to an already existing home. Aside from the renovation itself, the way in which the decided upon upgrade is done can make a huge difference. This can involve not only who does the work (to assure the highest quality workmanship), but the materials used for the improvement.

Flooring that Brings More Value to Your Home

New flooring is one sure way to improve the value of your home. But does the type of flooring you use genuinely make a difference? The quick and easy answer is – yes. The following will delve further into the choices of a new floor and how it can determine just how much value it adds to a home.

Flooring That Is Out Of the Ordinary

Let’s start off with kitchen floors that could be considered a bit on the exotic side. Back in the 1950s, kitchens designed by Frank Lloyd Wright used cork flooring. It was (and still is) resilient and durable. It adds a touch of the exotic to a residence while being comfortable underfoot. Additional kitchen upgrades that utilize woods that are anything but run-of-the-mill can involve palm and bamboo. If wood floors aren’t your cup of tea, exotic wood floor substitutes are wood-like finished porcelain tiles or rubber.

Flooring Made of Stone

Would you like to add some dimension to your kitchen? If you’re considering the installation of underfloor heating or are merely looking for a kitchen floor that is a good heat conductor, stone is an excellent choice. A benefit to both new homebuyers and established homeowners is that stone flooring has a fantastic lifespan. Stone flooring is one factor that can lead to a home seller getting a better price.

Kitchens with Wood Flooring

Mainly when the kitchen flooring carries over to living areas that are adjacent to the kitchen, floor coverings involving wood can be a dramatic and intelligent home-improvement choice. When looking to purchase a new home, floors like this are taken into account very seriously by home buyers that are looking for properties considered more upscale. Because they have a positive effect on home value, an excellent choice for home improvement would be installing floors made from maple, pine, oak, etc.

Laminate Flooring

If wood flooring isn’t in your budget, you might consider laminate flooring as an alternative. Over the years, the offered styles and looks of this type of flooring have gone through a very positive metamorphosis. Laminate flooring is much improved over that from years ago. If you stand in a kitchen for long periods of time, laminate flooring is a good choice.

Important note: Though a money saver over wood, laminate flooring is not always the best choice when it comes to increasing the value of your home. Laminate flooring is objected to by some home buyers as it can, if exposed to water leaks, sometimes warp. Unfortunately, kitchens and water leaks frequently go hand-in-hand.

Flooring Made from Vinyl

The kitchen flooring that is considered most basic is linoleum or vinyl. It is comfortable under your feet, is easy to install, comes in multiple designs and colors, and is inexpensive. An acceptable alternative to completely remodeling your kitchen could be to touch it up with a brand-new vinyl floor. This shows buyers that the kitchen was well cared for and is clean.

The proper choice of flooring for your kitchen can have everything to do with the kitchen itself. If need be, consult an interior designer or decorator for your best options. An experienced realtor may also offer useful input.

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