Spice up your interiors with Brick Veneer’s!

What’s Hot: The New and Improved Interior Brick Wall

Homeowners have seemingly unlimited options when it comes to determining a room’s decor. The walls can go a long way in setting the tone for an entire room, be it paneling, drywall, masonry, tile, wainscoting, wallpaper, texturing – the list goes on – each having its own individual characteristics and favorable attributes. As of late, brick has once again become increasingly popular with homeowners and decorators. And for good reason.

Brick walls have stood the test of time – many literally – and continue to add warmth, rustic charm, and a generally aesthetically pleasing appearance to most any room. But installing a traditional, heavy brick wall can seem like a daunting project. For the most part, it’s not a project that even a seasoned do-it-yourselfer wants to tackle. Enter pre-cast brick veneers. These thinner, lighter veneers are growing in popularity and usefulness while providing significant cost efficiency.
Brick Veneer Wall Installation

Brick Veneer Installation | Brick Veneer Floor | Carpetland USA FlooringCompared to traditional, heavy brick walls (or another masonry i.e. stone, concrete block, etc.), the installation of brick veneer is easier and more lightweight. And though many individuals choose to have their brick veneer walls professionally installed, it requires no precise expertise. Additionally, rather than boring old brick, these veneers give the homeowner a choice of finishes. For interior use, installation entails the secure application of the brick veneers to a sheet of cement board mounted to the existing wall (in some instances, veneers can be attached to the existing wall itself, depending on the material from which the wall is made). Accomplished do-it-yourselfers can find online installation guides, but a hired contractor is an intelligent choice and a good move for those wishing to ensure the aesthetic value of the installation job and their home as a whole.
Brick Veneer Walls Offer More Than Just Decoration

Because they are thinner than thick, heavy, old-school bricks, veneers will subtract very little of the room’s square footage. This is particularly good news in rooms that are already on the small side. Old-fashioned brick walls may have been sturdy but they did little in the way of insulation, noise reduction, and fire prevention. Quite the opposite, brick veneer walls have the capability of providing noise reduction, fire resistance, and when installed over cement board, an added layer of insulation.
An Exceptional Addition to Your Home At a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Brick

The cost of installation for a classic, traditional brick wall is staggering. And if not done in precisely the correct manner, can be dangerous and anything but permanent. Alternately, the cost of a brick veneer wall comes at a fraction of the price of traditional brick walls.

The addition of brick veneers to your wall adds interest, texture and – particularly in older homes – brick adds a level of character that simply can’t be matched by any other material. If you have any doubt as to the popularity or the desirability concerning the look of brick walls, tune your satellite box to the HGTV channel and watch how excited those remodelers get when they discover one. Unfortunately, to keep those old brick walls, they usually end up needing a ton of refurbishing, repair, money, and what-have-you in order to salvage the wall itself.

With brick veneers, you can have the same look of that timeless treasure without the weight, the hassle, the mess, the restoration costs, and other issues that can be associated with the refurbishing of old, broken down brick walls or the tricky installation of heavy, traditional brick.

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