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Are you thinking of getting new floors but not sure what questions to ask? The process is essentially two steps – picking out flooring and then getting it installed. It’s easier than you think however,  it’s also important to ask the right questions up front so there aren’t any surprises at the end.  Below are some questions you should ask while getting that estimate!

Will This Flooring Be Compatible to My Lifestyle?carpet & flooring

Do you have children? Pets? Do you enjoy entertaining? If so, you’re going to need a stain-resistant and durable floor. Different flooring works best with different lifestyles. Recognize whether your new flooring is for high traffic areas, bedrooms, or somewhere with potential water splashes. Talk with a professional sales associate at Carpetland before making a final decision.

Can I Take Home a Sample?

Colors and styles can look great online or in the store but completely change in your home. Ask for a sample to avoid terrible mistakes. This gives you an opportunity to see how the flooring blends with your décor in different lighting. A Carpetland sales associate will bring samples so you can see how products look in your home.

Once you’ve made your choice for new flooring, it’s now time to ask questions about installation and financing:

Is There a Cost for the Estimate?

This is an important question to ask because many companies offer free estimates, but others have a fee. At Carpetland, there is no charge for a salesperson to come to your home, measure the areas, and provide a quote. This allows you to compare pricing and customer service.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Depending on where you buy your flooring, services like delivery, padding, and moving furniture can add more money to the cost. Clean-up, after the job is done, may also be an extra charge!

bedroom flooringIn addition, costs may unexpectedly arise once the original flooring is out. The underlayment may be damaged or rotted and need to be replaced. There’s no way to predict unforeseen circumstances. Before you make your final decision, ask about all possible associated costs concerning buying and installation, and factor them into the bottom line.

What is The Process?

Find out how long the installation will take from start to finish. Ask how you’ll need to prepare your home before the beginning of the project, and whether installers will dispose of the old flooring. There’s an excellent chance your house will be dirty and dusty for a while but be sure the workers will clean up their mess once they’re finished. Depending on what they’re installing, the workers could take just one day or a few weeks.

The answers will help you understand the downtime, bring up some things that might go wrong, and update you as to preparations you’ll need to make before the installers arrive.

When Can You Start?

Understand that there are lead times for products to be ordered and delivered, so nothing will happen immediately. Ask how the project will progress – will the installers be there every day, or will they skip days? If they’re installing tile, there will be drying times when no one will be allowed to walk on the flooring.

What are Your Product Warranties and Guarantees?

Find out what type of coverage you’ll receive with a guarantee. If you don’t love your new floor, will it be replaced for free? If the flooring is poorly installed, a warranty on installation can help cover problems that result. Check with a Carpetland sales associate to see what types of warranties are offered.

Do You Have Financing?

Before you’ve chosen your new flooring, set up a time for a Sales Rep to come to your home to measure and provide you a quote, be sure to talk about pricing and what will work with your budget. Fortunately, Carpetland offers special financing and pricing plans that will work around your schedule.

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